We provide a wide variety of services to fulfill our customer’s needs. Here are a few case studies of solutions we provided our customers.

Dental Office adding a new location


dental office IT setup

Plus One Technology worked with all parties of the project to ensure the right IT equipment was used to maximize space and efficiency. Worked with general contractor to verify allowances were made for data cabling and maximized working space while keeping the office visually appealing. Scheduled and supervised the installation of dental and x-ray equipment. Provided and configured VOIP solution for the client. Tested all equipment prior to the office opening.

Lenovo tiny workstations, Lenovo Tiny-in-one monitors, under desk mounts, managed wireless access points, switches, and routers, Epson document scanners, and polycom phones.

Leveno Tiny in one desktops

Wholesale company looking for a new phone system

VOIP business phone systems

The client was unhappy with their existing phone system because it didn’t provide follow me features, voicemail to text, or remote worker integration. Plus One Technology provided the client our Elevate product which provides the follow me features, voicemail to text, and the ability to have phones working from anywhere and much more.

Products Used

Elevate Phone System, Polycom Phones

VOIP business phone systems

File sharing for a sales organization

office 365 provider

The client needed a solution where their employees could access files from any location and on many different devices. We recommended that the client purchase the 365 Business Premium Subscription and use Sharepoint for sharing company files. The files can be accessed from anywhere ion practically any device.

Office 365 Business Premium

office 365 provider

Surveillance for a retail store

business surveillance systems

The customer wanted a solution that allowed them to have clear video taken of the store, to protect against theft, employee issues, and safety concerns. Sixteen ip cameras were installed throughout the store both internally and externally. Plus One Technology handled the wiring, configuration and provided the DVR device for recordings. The customer was able to view the live video or recordings from any computer or mobile device.

Ubquiti IP cameras, Synology DVR device

Ubquiti IP cameras

Large quarry needs wireless internet throughout the property

Ubquiti Mesh Access Points

The client had a large amount of acreage they wanted to provide internet access to because of their limited cell reception. Plus One Technology designed, installed, and manages all of the wireless access points throughout the property.  This allows the customers to use the wifi calling feature on their cell phones to make calls, carry tablets for work, and add voip phones to remote locations throughout the property.

Ubquiti Mesh Access Points, Ubquiti networking products

Ubquiti Mesh Access Points

Accounting firm wants to migrate to the cloud

Microsoft Azure

The client wanted to move their local server workloads to a cloud platform. Plus One Technology migrated all local workloads to the cloud and provided simple and secure access from anywhere. The client was able to retire all local servers and operates the entire business on the cloud platform.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure