We provide a wide variety of services to fulfill our customer’s needs. Here are a few case studies of solutions we provided our customers.

Dental Office Adding Additional Locations

Plus One Technology worked with the DSO, their contractors, project managers, and doctors to ensure the right IT equipment, wiring configurations, and mounting hardware was used to maximize space and efficiency. We worked with the general contractor to verify allowances were made for data cabling and maximized working space by using equipment mounts all while keeping the office visually appealing.

Scheduled and supervised the installation of dental and xray equipment. Provided all new computer hardware and VOIP devices and tested and trained all office staff prior to opening.

Products Used: Lenovo tiny workstations, Tiny-In-One monitors, under desk and wall mounts, Ubiquiti Wireless Access points, switches, routers, Epson Document Scanners, and Yealink Phones.

it services for dental offices
Cloud Management for Accounting Firms

Accounting Office Migrating to the Cloud

An accounting firm contacted Plus 1 Technology to migrate their local server software to a cloud platform. The client had heard about the benefits of the cloud but wanted to get an expert to review the pros and cons and provide detailed pricing. Plus 1 Technology migrated all local workloads to the cloud and provided simple and secure access to the staff to enable remote work. The client was able to retire all their local servers and operate their entire business in the cloud.

Startup Healthcare Firm needs Secure Document Access

A startup healthcare firm reached out to Plus 1 Technology to explore options to share documents with their growing remote workforce in a way that would be easy, secure, and meet compliance requirements. Plus One Technology recommended that they use Microsoft Sharepoint layered with security solutions provided by Barracuda, Inky, and Nable. This solution allowed the company’s users to seamlessly access files and kept the security and compliance standards high without limiting productivity.

Products Used: Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, SOC solution by Barracuda, Microsoft Data Loss Prevention tools, and Inky e-mail security.

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Modern Voice Solution for Manufacturer’s Representative

The client was unhappy with their existing phone system because it did not provide voicemail to text, remote worker integration, texting (SMS), a modern cell phone app, or custom call routing. Plus 1 Technology provided the client with their Elevate solution which provided all the features, the client was looking for and more! This solution also allowed their users to use their cell phones from anywhere while the calls were still identified as calling from the office phone number. This allowed their leadership team to make/take calls from the beach, airport, or home totally unknown to their customers.

Logistics Firm moving from Office to Remote Work

This company had been a long-time client of Plus 1 Technology and had decided they wanted to explore the option of closing their physical office. Unknown to the client they were already utilizing 80% of the solutions they would need to work remotely, such as Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint for personal and company document storage. The client needed Plus 1 Technology to enable and train their users in the functionality of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams allows them to mimic that “inter office” physical communication they were used to using. Once all the solutions were in place the employees simply picked up their workstations, went home and continued working.

Compliance Help

Financial Service firm Looking to Enable Backup Solutions for Compliance

The client was in the financial services industry and knew they needed a backup solution that would be compliant with FINRA and FTC Safeguards. Plus 1 Technology is very knowledgeable in the compliance requirements for FTC Safeguards and FINRA. Plus 1 Technology was able to implement not only a backup solution for their devices but also for their cloud storage and emails with the correct retention period for compliance. Plus 1 Technology was also able to help this company monitor, manage, and report on their compliance status with their compliance-as-a-service offering.

Products Used: Cove Data Protection, Control Map