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Cloud Migration Mistakes

More and more companies are migrating segments or the entire business to the cloud. The cloud provides great benefits such as the ability to work anywhere, enhanced security, mitigating risks pertaining to a physical building, and greater flexibility and scale. There are questions companies should be asking of our software and IT providers before making…

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Small to Medium Business Mobility | Plus One Technology

Small to Medium Business Mobility

Business mobility has moved from “a nice feature” and seldomly used, to a requirement in today’s modern workplace. The ability for employees, management, and the executive team to transition seamlessly from the office to home and other remote locations is now critical to the viability of an organization. In this article I will explain three…

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onedrive and sharepoint

What is OneDrive and SharePoint?

OneDrive and SharePoint are a collaboration, file sharing, and management tools provided by Microsoft. The backbone of each tool is very similar. Each tool provides a central location to store and access files. The files are stored on Microsoft servers but can also be fully synced to your local machines. Both OneDrive and SharePoint provide…

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business asset vulnerability

Your business’s most vulnerable asset, your data

Data is critical to every business. Businesses have multiple subsets of data such as; sales, client, employee, vendor, and various company data. In today’s world companies must use a combination of permissions, security, and policy to protect company data.   Permissions  Companies should take a holistic view of the data folder structure and determine what…

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hacked Email

Email spoofing, what is it?

I received a threatening message from my own email address! Is this real? How did they do it? Should I be worried? These types of emails are unfortunately commonplace in today’s world. We get at least one call a day about these types of emails. So how do they do it? Every email that is…

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