Here are some helpful resources for Remote Access

For users using Microsoft 365 services, you would go to and use your 365 username (your e-mail address) and password.

Clients using our remote management program. Can visit

Enter your solarwinds username (e-mail address) and password

Clients using our Elevate VOIP platform can download the “Elevate UC” app from the app store on their mobile device to answer calls to their office number. Clients may also take their VOIP desk phone home and plug it into an ethernet cable to use their device at home.

Plus 1 has adapted a completely mobile workflow. We suggest that all support requests be submitted via email to or call our 24/7 phone 610-792-5660

Customers using Microsoft 365 can use the “Teams” application to host video conferences. Clients using our VOIP platform can use the Anymeeting application to host video conferences.

We recommend that companies use an email platform such as Constant Contact to communicate with all customers in bulk. We do not recommend that firms try to email bulk lists of users through standard email via Outlook or web based.

Plus 1 has been working with cloud and other remote technologies for almost 15 years. Feel free to reach out and we can discuss how we can help improve the efficiency of your mobile workforce.