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This page will demystify the world of technology by offering easy-to-understand tips and tricks. It serves as a digital guide, helping the user navigate their gadgets and apps more efficiently. Whether it’s mastering smartphone settings, understanding new software updates, or discovering hidden features, TechBytes has got you covered!

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Referral Rewards Program

Our Referral Rewards Program is a great way for clients to earn money by recommending our services to a friend! You can earn up to $100 for a single Referral with our program. Have a friend or family member that has a small business? If you enjoy working with us, give them our name!

How it Works

We send you $50 if we book a call and another $50 if they become a client. We will also give your referral $100 off their first invoice! If you are business owner and prefer the money be contributed to a non-profit, we will double it! ($100 for the meeting and $100 if they become a client) Donated in your name!

Training Rewards Program

Want to get free stuff?

Here at Plus 1 Technology, we value the investments our clients and their staff make in cybersecurity. While our annual cyber security assessment is mandatory, our micro-trainings are strongly recommended. The micro-trainings only take about 5 minutes to complete.

 How can you win?

Every micro-training you complete puts you in the running to be one of our monthly winners! Monthly winners receive coffee tumblers, gift cards, and all kinds of good stuff

Every quarter we will select a company from our client base who has increased their cybersecurity posture the most during the previous month and you all get lunch on us! So encourage your colleagues to take those micro trainings.

Want a free laptop?

Every year we select an individual who has completed the most micro-trainings across our client base and they receive a free laptop!

Login here and get some training done today!

Training Past Winners Plus one technology

Some of our past winners and prizes.

Need Help? Three Easy Ways

You can submit a support ticket by emailing

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Or right-click this click icon in the lower right-hand side of the screen and send us a screenshot

Tech Tips for the Everyday User

Check out this music video and the warning it provides:

Make sure you have complex and unique passwords:

Have you heard about Ransomware but are unsure what it is? Here is a description in less than 2 minutes.

Why do we require 2FA?